1. This congregation shall be an independent, fundamental, missionary, Baptist church.  It is never to be governed by any board, association, or convention, but shall remain independent.

2. The church membership shall be composed of members of the same faith and order.

3. This is a Bible believing, Bible centered church.  We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, his sinless life, his death on the cross, his burial, and a bodily resurrection; and that his shed blood is the only atonement for the sins of the world.  We also believe in the literal return of Christ as follows:

Christ is coming soon to catch away the Church. (I Thess. 4:16-17/see page 4A) Then the revealing of the Anti-Christ (II Thess. 2:3-10see page 4B) and seven (7) years of tribulation on this earth.  Then the return of Christ to this earth to reign 1,000 years. (Rev. 19/see page 4C and Rev. 20/see page 5D)

4. This church shall endeavor to support missions around the world. (Mark 16:15/see page 6-E)

5. The Pastor of the church shall be Pro Chairman of all committees and shall serve as Bishop or Overseer of the house of God. (Titus 1:5-9/see page 6F) and (I Peter 5;1-5/see page 6G0 and it shall be the duty of the Pastor to preside as moderator when present, and when the Pastor is absent, the church shall appoint an ordained Minister or Deacon of this church for the time being.

6. The church shall have a clerk who shall keep a fair and complete record of all her proceedings and sign her orders.

7. Prior to the opening of the conference, the Moderator will call for acknowledgements and reasons for absences.  This shall be entered as part of the monthly minutes

8. At the openings of conference, it shall be the duty of the moderator to invite visiting members to sit with us in conference to aid and assist only when called upon.

9. The moderator shall be the judge of order and shall have the power to call members to order, inviting all members with voting privileges, as stated in the Constitution as rules of attendance, to come to the front.

10. It shall be the moderator’s duty to stop members from speaking, when they depart from the subject or become personal in their remarks.

11. In the transaction of any business that shall come before the conference a majority shall rule in all cases except in those pertaining to fellowship, then it shall be unanimous.  Any dissenting vote shall give a scriptural reason.

12. The church shall hold it’s conference on Wednesday Night, after the second Sunday of each month.

13. All business, committees, and other meetings concerning the church, shall be discussed with the Pastor and Deacons first.

14. The Pastor shall have the right to recommend to the Church any replacement of any elected officer, when just reason is given.

15. The deacons shall work under the Pastor and shall act as servants of the church. (Acts 6:1-6see page 7H)

16.   Any member who misses two (2) consecutive weeks of church services with then have to attend regularly and prove Christian fellowship for a period of one (1) month before they will be permitted to vote on any church business. (Excepting: death in family, sickness, previous notification of absence, or job requirements.)

17. Women will not be permitted to speak on business items when church is in conference, nor to make move and/or second, but shall exercise the right to vote on all business. (I Corinth. 11:34-35/see page I)

18. We shall observe the ordinance of church baptism and the Lord’s Supper when seemed necessary by the Pastor.

19. The church meeting days shall be each Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, and Wednesday night.

20. The church shall observe the second (2) Sunday in September of each year for Homecoming.

21. The church shall appoint teachers and other officers of Sunday School in the event of a replacement that arises.

22. We shall observe church discipline according to Matt 18:15-17/see page 7J)

23. The acceptance of new members shall be as follows:
a. Profession of faith, becoming a candidate for baptism ad church membership.
b. By letter from church of same faith and order as our own.
c. By watch care (Awaiting letter).
d. By statement.

24. In the event that the need for a Pastor arises, there shall be an election of a pulpit committee, consisting of (5) or more (an odd number) men, of Mount Vernon Baptist Church, whose duty it will be to search out and find and invite preachers to preach at our church for the reason of an eventual nomination, election and calling of a Pastor.

25. The Pastor shall be elected for an indefinite calling with the following conditions:
a. Pastor’s decision to leave – 30 days notice
b. Church’s decision to dismiss – 2/3 majority vote (if Pastor will not resign).

26. All other officers shall be elected during the Wednesday Night conference in August before the 1st Sunday in September as approved by the Pastor.

27. At any conference or business meeting of Mount Vernon Baptist Church only one (1) subject will be discussed at a time and either dismissed, postponed, or moved and seconded, for voting on by church members, before another subject will be allowed on the floor.

28. On all business matters voted on by this church, the majority will rule, unless business is pertaining to circumstance included in the Constitution and Rules which require a two thirds majority vote, and only after 30 days notice has been given before the vote is taken.  In the event there is a tie, the moderator (otherwise neutral) will cast his vote.

29. This church will maintain an account in the amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) available for emergency spending as authorized by the Pastor and/or Deacon.  Any use of this fund will be reported to the church as soon as practical.

30. This church shall not have a Pastor or Deacon or Officers that does not believe the doctrines of the Bible stated in this constitution, nor one that is not a faithful member of Mount Vernon Baptist Church.  Any new male member, who is an ordained deacon, shall be set aside for a period of six (6) months for conformation of approval of the Pastor and the Deacon Board.